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Bella-bell is the first real bicycle bell for roadbikes only! Mounted at the end of the handlebar - the perfect place for a bell for roadbikes -  the bell subtly blends into the appearance of the roadbike. It´s easy to operate but still does not interfer with your natural movements while cycling.   So there´s little reason to renounce that plus in safety during riding a roadbike! The sound is generated mechanically by a spring-loaded pin. Nevertheless the bell is no alarm siren. It´s designed to catch attention from pedestrians, inline-skaters or other cyclist from a faster road user by a familiar sound. But beware that car drivers will hardly hear your signal.. When using the bell its has been proven to place the index finger at the spring support which is solidly assembled to the aluminum body. Then take the thumb to actuate the clapper. The bell is designed for all common handlebars for roadbikes.